cause of issue

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Automatic switch

Because the closed all the hall, car door is the first condition of the elevator operation, door interlock system once the failure of the elevator can not run. This type of failure is caused by a variety of electrical components, including automatic door locks, poor contact or improper adjustment caused.

Electrical components

Electrical and electronic components insulation in the long-term operation will always be aging, failure, moisture or other causes insulation breakdown, resulting in electrical system circuit or short circuit caused by elevator failure.

Contact open circuit

By the relay, contactor constitute the control circuit, the fault occurred in the relay contacts, if the contacts through the high current or arc ablation, contact will be caused by short-circuit adhesion. If the contact is blocked by the dust or the reed of the contact will lose the elasticity will cause the circuit, the contact of the circuit or short circuit will make the elevator control circuit failure, so that the elevator failure.