Selection orientation

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Commonly used models are as follows: Handle switch orientation, hoist floor diverter switch orientation, shaft permanent magnet switch and relay logic circuit orientation, mechanical separator orientation, bistable magnetic switch and electronic digital circuit orientation, electronic pulse selection Layer device set.

Elevator orientation, the election layer line: the direction of the elevator control is based on the purpose of the elevator car passenger station instructions and the floor of the call signal and elevator floor location signal comparison, all in the elevator position signal above the car Within the command and the station call signal, so that the elevator set up, and vice versa down. Direction control links must pay attention to the following:

The call command in the car takes precedence over the call orders at all levels. The elevator should keep the direction of the farthest passenger call signal in the direction of the driver, when the elevator has not yet started running the case, the driver should be forced to change the direction of the elevator running in the maintenance state, the direction of the elevator control By the maintenance personnel directly (note the jogging maintenance) press the car inside the control box or car on the top of the button, the elevator can run, and when the release button, the elevator is stopped.

Floor display lines: Passenger elevator car must have a floor display, and the floor of the floor display by the elevator manufacturer as the case may be. The elevator has been displayed on each floor. With the improvement of the elevator speed and the improvement of the group control system, many elevators have canceled the floor level display, or only the base station floor is displayed. When the call station is reached, the sound and light forecasting board The elevator will arrive, the newspaper station clock sound, the direction of light flashing or indicating the direction of operation of the elevator, and some use the car voice station, to remind passengers.