Bluelight Attends The 6th Iran International Exhibition of Elevators

- Jul 26, 2017 -

On July 9, 2017, Bluelight Group overseas department arrived in Tehran, capital of Iran, for the 6th Iran International Exhibition of elevators.


Iran International Exhibition of elevators is most influential international elevator industry event in Iran and the Middle East countries.The exhibition is the first choice of the world professional exhibitions for Iranian market,  it is also the Iranian's most important exhibition. Iran International Exhibition of elevators shows the latest industry products and technologies of the elevator industry, which provides customers with a good platform to understand the international market and to exchange information about elevator products.

The exhibition has a wide range of exhibits, including elevator equipment and components, traction machines, cars, elevator cables and doors, control systems, monitoring systems and safety systems. During this exhibition, customers up to 28,500, more than 230 exhibitors, total of six venues.


During four days of exhibition, Bluelight booth is full of guests everyday.  With full enthusiasm, professional technical explanation, Bluelight won the Iranian visiting customers' unanimous praise. Many customers are interested in Bluelight’s products. There are also a lot of customers who show much interest in doing business as agents. In communication with old customers, with the aid of elevator exhibition, enhance confidence in each other's cooperation. Only by strengthening cooperation with all local customers and providing them with better support can the market be done better.