CNC Elevator Wireless Intercom Features Are As Follows:

- Jun 05, 2017 -

1, call: When the elevator in the course of the use of downtime or outage difficulties and other unexpected circumstances, the elevator passengers can tap the "call" button to the duty room to issue a call signal, duty room can be connected to both sides at the same time.

2, features: a. Passenger a key automatic alarm, voice recording call, no other operation;

B. Management center number, voice prompts call and alarm;

C. Multiple extension Each elevator has a separate recording, individually encoded, duty room can easily identify which elevator call;

3, advantages: one-button call, convenient, from the elevator to the center without a lot of wiring to save a lot of expensive line costs; save the line laying high construction costs; monitoring center location can be adjusted as needed, without any line adjustment ; The whole system construction is extremely simple, the construction period is short, quick; wireless distance coverage, within 3 km radius of anti-interference ability, clear sound quality.

4. CNC elevator wireless intercom three (five) side system diagram.