DC Elevator Drag System Usually Has Two Kinds:

- Jun 05, 2017 -

(1), with a generator set composed of thyristor excitation generator-motor drive system control elevator control system.

(2), thyristor direct power supply of a thyristor motor drive system.

Both are used to adjust the motor voltage Ua method of speed control, the former is by adjusting the generator excitation to change the output voltage of the generator speed control, so called the SCR excitation system. The latter is a three-phase thyristor rectifier, the exchange into a controllable DC, DC motor supply speed control system, eliminating the need for generating units, thus reducing the cost, so that the structure is more compact, DC elevator because of its equipment, Maintenance is more complex, high cost, it is often used in high-speed high-rise buildings, it has a good sense of comfort, leveling the characteristics of high accuracy, speed of 1.5-1.75m / s fast ladder and 2.5- 5m / s high speed ladder.