Elevator Control System

- Dec 16, 2017 -

1. Hydraulic drive

With motor drive, high pressure oil is poured into oil cylinder to drive the activity plug

Elevator controller

Elevator controller

Drive the cabins. Slow speed, usually used for buildings under 20 meters.

2. Motor reduction gear drive type

It is used to drive the steel cable with ac and dc motor through decelerating gear and traction machine to drive the axle.

3. Motor direct drive

The Gearless type is also called Gearless, which can be used to drive the tractor directly with a larger multi-pole motor, which is more complicated to use in the high-speed elevator.

4. Linear motor drive

Driven by induction type or synchronous linear motor, the motor is placed in the wall of lift, and the moving part is placed in the enclosure of the bridge, and it is not necessary to use wire rope to drive the box directly. It is not limited by the building materials, but the electricity consumption is high.

5. No engine room drive

The traction motor is directly installed on the top or bottom of the bridge, and it is drawn around the cable to drive the axle box, which can be used in small cabins for personal elevators, which can save the traditional machine room.