Elevator Control System Structure

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Elevator control system hardware from the car control panel, hall door signal, PLC, inverter, speed control system, the inverter only to complete the speed control function, and the logic control part is completed by the PLC. PLC is responsible for dealing with the logical relationship between the various signals, which issued a stop signal to the inverter, while the inverter will also send their own working status to the PLC, the formation of two-way contact. The system is also configured with the motor coaxial connection rotary encoder and PG card, complete the speed detection and feedback, the formation of speed closed loop and position closed loop. In addition the system must also configure the braking resistor, when the elevator deceleration operation, the motor is in the regenerative power generation state, to the inverter feedback power, inhibit the DC voltage [1].

The elevator system is a six-story six-station system with a car, a safety window, a counterweight, a safety gear, a sensor, a flat layer, a floor plate, a terminal board and various action switches, The bottom of the overload, full load switch, the road outside the floor with a floor display, call button and instructions, a layer of base station electric lock, the top of the hoist machine room, equipped with room maintenance button, slow, slow down switch, traction The door, the door, the door machine, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door, the door Machine power supply circuit, safety touch panel, car top emergency stop, overhaul, slow, slow switch and car roof lighting, car top wiring compartment, car door and hall above the floor with a display, Button and instructions, switch door button, alarm button, overload, full load instructions. This article focuses on the first relay control by the elevator control cabinet to transform, replace the relay with the PLC elevator control to improve the reliability and safety of the elevator; and then the elevator signal through the DDC to send the workstation to monitor the operation of the elevator The

DC elevator with fast speed, good comfort, leveling the characteristics of high accuracy, this is because the DC drive system speed performance, speed range. DC motor speed control method has to change the terminal voltage UA, adjust the adjustment resistor Rtj, change the excitation magnetism.