Life Is Often In Contact With The Wireless Intercom Elevator System

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Elevator is one of our daily life transport, it can be said that all aspects of the elevator configuration is complete, the relationship between the lives of ordinary people. A good elevator system, you must configure the elevator walkie-talkie. Wireless intercom elevator system company for you to learn more about the next elevator wireless intercom a variety of functions and the use of beauty!

Elevator wireless intercom Introduction The so-called elevator intercom that property duty room (or control center), elevator room, car roof, car, pit between the five sides of the intercom. According to the macro classification, elevator intercom main sub-elevator cable intercom and elevator wireless intercom two. Now, the price increases, resulting in line costs expensive; wage increases, resulting in high labor costs; In addition, the long-term maintenance of cable lines, the latter came back a lot of trouble and costs. Combined with the above reasons, elevator wireless intercom in the industry market has become a trend towards the trend. Because it is the industry's best products, so there are many brands. Of course, different brands of products, product quality, pre-sale services will be very different.

Elevator wireless intercom is simply speaking, is the property duty room to the elevator room, car top, car, pit (any one of the four parties) wireless call: no wiring, completely through the wireless signal transmission.