Routine Maintenance Of The Elevator Five-party Intercom Tips

- Jun 05, 2017 -

1, open the door, to wait for the building staff to open the signal, that is to hear "despair" and then pull the door, do not pull the door before the force.

2, the door closer should not be a long time to open, open the time is too long, likely to cause the door closer, so that it can not work properly. The following are the same as the "

3, carry their own key, do not lend to other people, do not let people do not know the door, small ads and small business vendors to enter. The following are the same as the "

4, do not open the door door to a long time to the maximum, not to use bricks, sticks and other hard objects in the door hinge under the lower corner and below the threshold, so easy to damage the door closers, especially when there is a strong wind, The door is damaged. The following are the same as the "

5, once the door can not open, do not mess up, kicked, to less safe and impatient, and so the whole system to restore the original state and then re-open.

6, with the key to open the door, do not single-handedly tighten the door handle, single-handedly turn the key, because the door during the electronic system will issue an electrical signal, passed to the mechanical part of the mechanical part of the opening force is very small, if tight Handle, you can not open, making the bolt can not be retracted, the door can not open.

7, in the home decoration, try not to move the indoor intercom system extension, if you need to move, please professional operation.

8, electric lock lock cylinder use three to four months, the best care and maintenance in order to open a flexible, key.