Safety Code For Elevator Five - Party Talkback System

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Now the elevator five-party intercom system elevator has become an essential part of daily travel, whether it is business or shopping malls, elevators are indispensable, especially with the elevator five-party intercom system and the elevator five-way call Elevator information to support the rapid development of products, especially the elevator five-party intercom system of much people's favor is greatly promoted the rapid development of the industry.

In the practical application of the elevator five-party intercom system, elevator five-party intercom system used by the safety code by what?

First, the elevator five-party intercom system regular routine experiments, found that the timely removal of the disease, to avoid the theft of intelligence does not alarm, the formation of loss.

Second, place the host to accommodate the duty room If the metal structure, reinforced concrete construction, please install the machine in the window and wide position. To improve the strength of the signal to ensure that the alarm distance.

Third, the power supply voltage to shake the size of the rules must not exceed the rules, in order to ensure the normal operation of the alarm and equipment safety.

Fourth, check the external standby power is not normal, to avoid power failure can not afford to help the police effect.