The Function Of Elevator Five - Party Intercom System

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Elevator five-party intercom is a dedicated to the elevator car, elevator control room, management center between the intercom. Can achieve three or even five calls, belonging to the security intercom industry in a series. Its function is as follows:

1, you can increase the elevator walkie-talkie, to achieve the monitoring center or duty room, room, car, car top, pit at the end of multi-call.

2, the elevator within the active call host management through the switch can be achieved one to one call.

3, the project interface is complete.

4, if the central control machine to take the initiative to call, the switch managed by the number of elevators at the same time to receive, and many of the elevator in the speech all returned to the console.

5, when a part of the elevator failure, call the central control machine, the control machine to get the fault elevator instructions are all the switches managed by the elevator, can not be accurate to which a lift failure, but through a pair of pairs Talk to the car to confirm the location of the fault elevator.