What Is The Five Parties In The Five-party Call?

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Elevator five calls is the elevator intercom system management center host, elevator car, elevator room extension, the top of the elevator, elevator shaft at the bottom of the five calls between the call.

Commonly used is the four-core bus system, it is best to use RVVP4 * 0.75 wire.

The five-party call is mainly distributed in the following areas: the engine room to check the box bottom box car compartment control room can be from the engine room control box, respectively, to the various regions.

Five-party speaking of the five parties is: (a), 24 hours someone on duty duty room. (2), elevator room. (C), inside the elevator car. (D), elevator car roof. (5), the elevator pit. Do five-party intercom wiring, the five parties should be connected according to design requirements. The wiring in the hoistway can be laid in the trunking box which is fixed in the shaft of the hoistway (the elevator is switched to the overhaul state, and it is safe to operate on the car top, pay attention to safety.) The middle connection box should be installed in the middle of the line.

Generally the first four parties are using the elevator with the cable, room / pit / car inside / car top / duty room. In addition to the duty shop and the individual cabling separately, the other cables are shipped with no standard cabling.