Wireless Five - Party Talking Elevator System Basic Knowledge

- Jun 05, 2017 -

Elevator five-party intercom, also known as "elevator five calls" function, refers to the car, car top, the engine room, pit, building monitoring room five local calls.

The general user is only responsible for the cable from the elevator room to the building's control room, the other cable provided by the elevator manufacturers (some integrated in the accompanying cable), and the elevator room to the building monitoring room cable with the general telephone line on the line, A few cables of the cable, which depends on your parallel (or single control, group empty) the number of elevator, there are different brands will be different, it is best to let the elevator manufacturers to request, and then let the building weak project to buy cable And laying cables, generally require at least 6 or more.

Method 1. When the elevator bought more than give you a call, (five calls) directly to the room and the phone can be achieved on the car and the call.

Method 2. The fire department can not control the elevator phone, owned by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

If you have to answer the phone inside the car, you can buy a bundle of cord (telephone line cord) in the elevator along the cable and in the past. Tied to the cable, received the car top, thrown into the car.

Note: it is best not to change the elevator phone. With the elevator factory to provide the original phone and to your control room on the OK pull.

The elevator is a five-way call to find the elevator manufacturers to call better.

Directly by line number and past to your control on the line.

If you do not have a phone you will remove the pit, installed to your control.

The above is a wireless five-party talk elevator system common sense.