Our Certificate

1. Type-examination Certificate of Special Equipment

2. Patent Certificate 

3. National High–Tech Enterprise

02-沈阳蓝光自动化技术有限公司高新技术企业证书 (2).jpg


4. China Invention Exhibition


5. ISO 9001

04-自动化ISO证书(英文)(002).jpg 05-质量管理体系-驱动英文(002).jpg

6. KTL Issue KC Certification


7. TUV Issue CE Certification


8. ISO9001: 2008  International Quality Management System Certification

9. National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Production Equipment

• Product R&D: FMEA process

• Before assembly: 100% inspection on critical parts;

• After assembly: 100% computer test on  

I/V performance;

torque output;


brake force;

brake noise

Production Market

• With strong R&D capability and high efficiency service team, Bluelight has become one of the best technical solution providers and elevator core component suppliers for OTIS, Toshiba, Canny, Express, Guangzhou Hitachi and other famous domestic/international elevator Manufacturer. Together with our customers, “Bluelight”products have managed to expand to South East Asia, South Asia,  Middle East, Europe, South America and etc.

Our service

Strong technical team with years of experience in elevator commissioning

Rigorous and efficient service process of the Marketing and Aftermarket Department